Hi! 👋

I'm aaron

I'm currently building full-stack web applications with technologies like Google Firebase and server-side rendered Elixir/Phoenix as a 👨💻 Software Developer with Objective Inc.

I'm also working part-time remotely on my
M.S. in Computer Science from 📚 Georgia Tech specializing in
Interactive Intelligence

but previously I held positions as:
🖥 Software Engineer with Northrop Grumman💻 Full-Stack Software Engineer with Lunar Wireless👥 Principal Consultant with Wolfram Solutions🗣 Hackathon Evangelist with Wolfram Research🚀 Research Associate in the NASA Ames Multidisciplinary Aeronautics Research Team Initiative (MARTI).


My name is Aaron Brzowski 👋

My interests lie at the intersection of developing for social good 👫, mental health 🧠, and supporting underserved areas 🚰.

I've attended and won numerous national hackathons, worked as a project lead for multi-month client as well as internal projects, and love sharing my experience with student hackers 👩🎓 and future software engineers 🧒.


If you'd like to work with me, or just would like to chat about something that you think I'd be interested in, feel free to drop me a line using one of the contact methods below.